3 Ways To Colour Block Your Home

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• Make a statement with colour blocked walls in pastel tones
• Create a striking contrast with light furniture
• Jazz it up with colour blocked accessories

Colour blocking with fresh pastels like lilac, mint and blush is shaping up to be a summer favourite. A chic way to get this look is by mixing cool neutrals with mixed pastel walls for a bold statement at home. It’s also a great opportunity to play with 2018’s It-shades; sage is still popular as a versatile neutral and lilac – a gentler answer to Ultraviolet – offers a calmer look that’s still very on-trend.

It’s all about determining the right colour mixes and where to show them off, whether it’s on a large scale or in small, arty doses. Rebecca Snowden, Interior Style Advisor at Furniture shares 3 stylish approaches toward colour blocking at home.

  1. Make a statement with colour blocked walls

For maximum impact and style, take it to the walls.

“Unexpected colour combinations offer a fresh, contemporary feel, while a unique play on patterns amplifies the effect,” says Rebecca. “If you’re going with a mix of cool and warm tones, introducing a third neutral shade will balance both sides out. For instance, matching grey with fresh pastels like lilac and mint creates an interesting and energetic appeal that would look great as a feature wall.”

“It’s a great way to dress up your wall and also put the focus on a special piece of furniture. You can either go with eye-catching shapes and lines, or paint out a section of the wall for a clever framing effect.”

  1. Create a striking contrast with light furniture

Your walls are the star here, but that doesn’t mean they can’t share the limelight. Choosing furniture in light tones will immediately create a contrast, without adding more colour to a space.

“Colours like beige, white and even blush stand out well against bright and dark colour combinations, putting a spotlight on your favourite furniture and decor,” advises Rebecca. “It offers a different perspective on pieces that you already own, giving it an instant summer-ready update that can work in harmony with the new colour palette.”

  1. Jazz it up with colour blocked accessories

If you’re looking for a quick and versatile way to embrace this trend, styling with colour blocked accessories is the way to go.

“This is a great approach if you’re not ready to delve deep into colour blocked walls and furniture,” Rebecca says. “It allows for more freedom when it comes to combining colours and patterns, and you can rearrange and switch them out with the seasons.”

“The dining table is a perfect centrepiece to highlight this vibrant. Sage is still a trendy shade to experiment with, and if Ultraviolet isn’t your cup of tea, consider its lighter cousin lilac for a gentler pop of purple.

“Coasters are an easy way to jazz up your table setting, colour block-style. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing and functional, they also make for a simple and fun DIY project where you can customise the colours and patterns to your liking.”

Plates, mugs and other tableware offer a playful burst of colour that’s ideal for sunnier weather, and are incredibly Instagram-ready too.”