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NY. Philip Hinge: Cat Scratch Fever at Step Sister Opening Saturday December 14th, 6-8 PM

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Philip Hinge: Cat Scratch Fever. December 14 – January 12, 2020. Opening Reception Saturday December 14th, 6-8 PM. at Step Sister 122 Norfolk St. Lower Level New York, NY 10002

“Cat scratch fever can happen when a person receives a bite, scratch, or lick from a cat that is infected with the bacteria Bartonella Henselae. The infection does not usually cause severe complications, but it can lead to problems for people with a weak immune system.

Cats can transmit cat scratch fever to people, but people do not usually pass it to each other. If one family member is affected, others should practice caution around a family cat, as the cat could infect them also.

An episode of cat scratch fever does not mean a family should necessarily get rid of their pet. However, to prevent cat scratch fever, people should avoid petting stray or feral cats.”

Philip Hinge (b. 1988, Seattle WA) received his MFA in Painting from Virginia Commonwealth University and his BFA from Maryland Institute College of Art. Hinge has shown his work at a variety of venues, including; Connersmith (Washington DC), Freddy (Baltimore, MD), Brennan & Griffin (NY, NY), The Breeder (Athens, Greece), Peter Blum Gallery (NY, NY), Marinaro (NY, NY) and GCA (Brooklyn, NY). In February 2017 he launched a project space/gallery named, Catbox Contemporary, in his apartment in Ridgewood, NY. In 2019 Hinge started, darkZone, in his childhood home’s basement in New Jersey. In May, Hinge opened A.D. in lower Manhattan, NY with Nick Irzyk and Nicholas Sullivan. Hinge has upcoming solo shows at Ungefahr 5 (Cologne, Germany), Final Hot Desert (Utah), and 427 (Riga, Latvia). Hinge lives and works in Ridgewood, NY.

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