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Documentary News Series AXIOS Returns This Sunday, March 1

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Episode Features An Interview With Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance Jr. On The Weinstein Verdict; A Discussion With Roger Stone; The Experience Of A Trump Campaign Rally; And More

NEW YORK, NY, February 28, 2020 – Documentary news series AXIOS returns with its 2020 debut on HBO this SUNDAY, MARCH 1 (6:00-6:40 p.m. ET/PT). Celebrated as “must-watch” TV for its insightful and blunt interviews with top decision makers, AXIOS episodes feature in-depth conversations and Axios’ signature “Smart Brevity” analysis on the topics and trends shaping America and the world.

AXIOS is also available on HBO NOW, HBO GO, HBO On Demand and partners’ streaming platforms.

AXIOS kicks off its 2020 coverage by discussing the monumental verdict in the Harvey Weinstein criminal case and its impact on future sex crime trials. Axios political reporter Alexi McCammond sits down for an in-depth interview with Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance Jr., whose office oversaw the criminal prosecution of Weinstein, for a conversation about this week’s guilty verdict and the evolving challenges of sex crime prosecution.

At Washington, D.C.’s Iconic Watergate Hotel, Axios’ co-founder Mike Allen talks with the recently convicted political consultant Roger Stone. Against the backdrop of public scrutiny by President Trump of the verdict and sentencing in his case, Allen talks to Stone about his new-found faith, and steadfast belief in the President.

As President Trump approaches his 100th campaign rally since his 2017 inauguration, AXIOS takes viewers into the cultural phenomenon of a Trump rally. Allen and Axios national political reporter Jonathan Swan dissect the loyalty displayed at these events, the data gathering techniques put to use, and the spectacle of what has become a pivotal part of Trump’s reelection strategy.

Just days away from Super Tuesday 2020, AXIOS speaks with three former candidates who reflect on their own experiences. Former Senator Gary Hart, former Governor Michael Dukakis, and former Secretary of State John Kerry shed light on the importance of Super Tuesday to a presidential campaign and how a Super Tuesday victory helps pave the way to the Democratic presidential nomination.

The 2020 premiere of AXIOS closes by considering the possibility of a once in a generation political event: a contested convention. With a crowded Democratic field and the chance that no candidate secures a majority of delegates, Axios co-founder Mike Allen talks to Brookings Institution expert Elaine Kamarck about the last contested convention in 1952 and the potential outcomes of this unpredictable Democratic primary campaign.

AXIOS is a co-production of HBO Documentary Films, AXIOS and DCTV; executive produced by Jim VandeHei, Mike Allen, Roy Schwartz & Evan Ryan; directed and produced by Perri Peltz and Matthew O’Neill.

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