Olivier Cornet Gallery artist Yanny Petters in botanical art show at the National Gallery of Ireland, Dublin – 7 March to 21 June 2020


ezgif 7 bad773ff56df‘Drawn from Nature’ at NGI to include work by Yanny Petters and 9 other contemporary botanical artists

‘Drawn from Nature: Irish Botanical Art’. 7 March – 21 June 2020. Print Gallery, National Gallery of Ireland. Admission free

“Pioneering Irish artists are at the heart of the National Gallery of Ireland’s new free exhibition Drawn from Nature: Irish Botanical Art. From William Kilburn to Lady Edith Blake, the exhibition celebrates artists who made significant contributions to art, science, and our understanding of the natural world.”
The Olivier Cornet Gallery is delighted to note that this exhibition features art spanning almost 300 years, from the 1720s to…2019! and that it will also include work by our artist Yanny Petters alongside work by 9 other contemporary artists: Mary Dillon, Shevaun Doherty, Deborah Lambkin, Siobhán M. Larkin, Margareta Pertl, Susan Sex, Jane Stark, Lynn Stringer and Holly Somerville.
Janet McLean of the National Gallery of Ireland commented, “While many Irish botanical artists ventured across the world, others barely stepped beyond their townlands. This exhibition highlights how they are bonded by a common curiosity in nature and a compulsion to record it. It celebrates centuries of looking closely, drawing carefully, and treasuring the complex beauty of plants.”
Guest curator Patricia Butler, author of Irish Botanical Illustrators & Flower Painters, on which this exhibition is based, commented, “There is currently a vigorous revival of interest in botanical art worldwide and this exhibition pays tribute to the extensive and distinctive Irish contribution to the area. I hope that visitors to the Print Gallery in the National Gallery of Ireland will enjoy exploring the work of over 30 artists ranging from the relatively unknown to the widely acclaimed.”
For more information about the exhibition, please visit the ‘Drawn from Nature‘ page on the National Gallery of Ireland’s website
For information on Yanny Petters and her recent show at the Olivier Cornet Gallery, please visit Hedgerow, stories from a linear world
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