Announcing Representation of Trevor Paglen



We are thrilled to announce that New York and Berlin-based American artist Trevor Paglen has joined the gallery’s roster of leading international contemporary artists.

Paglen’s recent work has involved in-depth inquiries into cloud computing and artificial intelligence platforms, global surveillance systems, clandestine military sites, the politics of outer space, and the consequences of climate change. Paglen defines his motivation as attempting to define “how we can learn to ‘see’ the historical moment we live in.” In pursuit of this, Paglen invokes traditions of abstraction, conceptual art, and minimalism in a practice centered around sculpture, video, photography, and installation.

Pace’s deepening relationship with Paglen will be celebrated through a solo exhibition at its gallery space in London, opening in September 2020 and continuing through Frieze London. The exhibition will explore phrenology and the politics of interpretation within automated systems.


“It is wonderful to be joining Pace at this exciting moment in its evolution. I have already witnessed first-hand the gallery’s global reach and their commitment to artists through our project together in Geneva last year. While my work explores contemporary technologies, it equally speaks to art historical precedents and it is hugely exciting to be showing alongside many of artists I have long admired, including important points of reference for my practice, such as Agnes Martin.”

—Trevor Paglen

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