Blood & Water (2020). Trailer. Netflix New Series

Blood & Water (2020)
Blood & Water (2020)

After crossing paths at a party, a Cape Town teen transfers to an elite school to prove whether the popular star student is her sister who was abducted at birth.

Release Date: May 20.

You can watch it here when available.

Blood & Water | Season 1 | Official Trailer | Netflix

About Blood & Water

Original title: Blood & Water (TV Series)
Year: 2020
Country: South Africa
Director: Nosipho Dumisa, Daryne Joshua, Travis Taute
Screenwriter: Nosipho Dumisa, Daryne Joshua, Travis Taute
Cinematography: Zenn van Zyl
Producer: Gambit Films. Distributed by Netflix
Genre: Drama. Mystery
Cast: Ryle De Morny, Greteli Fincham, Arno Greeff, Odwa Gwanya, Gail Mabalane, Thabang Kamogelo Molaba, Khosi Ngema, Ama Qamata, Getmore Sithole, Dillon Windvogel, Mekaila Mathys

Written by Susana Gil

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