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Force of Nature (2020). Trailer. Mel Gibson Movie

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Force of Nature (2020)
Force of Nature (2020)

Force of Nature is a 2020 film. Staring: Mel Gibson, Kate Bosworth, Emile Hirsch and David Zayas. Release date: June 30


A gang of thieves plan a heist during a hurricane and encounter trouble when a cop tries to force everyone in the building to evacuate.


About Force of Nature

Original title: Force of Nature
Year: 2020
Country: United States
Director: Michael Polish
Screenwriter: Cory Miller
Music: Kubilay Uner
Cinematography: Jayson Crothers
Producer: EFO Films / Grindstone Entertainment Group / Ingenious / Pimienta / River Bay Films / SSS Entertainment. Distributed by Lionsgate / GEM Entertainment / Batrax Entertainment / Film & TV House
Genre: Action
Cast: Mel Gibson, Kate Bosworth, Emile Hirsch, David Zayas, Stephanie Cayo, William Catlett, Tyler Jon Olson, Swen Temmel, Raymond Joel Oliveras, Rey Hernandez, Jasper Polish, Jesy McKinney, Blas Sien Diaz, Leslee Emmett, Anil Raman, Thomas Curran, Julio Ramos Vélez

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