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SteelCloud Publishes “STIGs for Dummies” eBook

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SteelCloud LLC announced today the release of “STIGs for Dummies” an eBook to help readers understand the complexities and impacts of STIG (Security Technical Information Guides) compliance. For both government organizations and their mission partners, addressing STIG compliance for RMF, FISMA, DevSecOps, FedRAMP, and now the new CMMC mandates, has always been challenging, especially when these organizations depend on tedious manual processes. Kenneth Hess, the author, funnels decades of experience into a definitive guide that simplifies the many facets of the highly specialized process of becoming and maintaining STIG compliance.


“STIG compliance is a fundamental security hygiene regiment that is the foundation for cyber security best practices,” said Brian Hajost, SteelCloud President and CEO. “STIG for Dummies was created as a resource to help both seasoned cyber professionals as well as the leadership and program managers that support them, to better understand and navigate the intricacies of security compliance. This eBook will remove the fog of the STIGs for anyone that would like to increase their STIG IQ.”

In this eBook, readers learn why STIG compliance has been so hard to achieve using traditional approaches and how emerging technologies can increase consistency, while significantly reducing time and effort. STIGs for Dummies is a valuable resource for both cyber experts and those new to the field especially those involved with RMFFedRAMPNIST 800-171NIST 800-53 and now CMMC compliance. To download your copy, visit:

About the Author

Kenneth “Ken” Hess is a practicing senior system administrator and technology author, blogger, columnist, editor, and podcaster. Ken has written hundreds of technology articles on various topics. He also reviews technology products and is an avid photographer and filmmaker.

About SteelCloud

SteelCloud develops STIG and CIS compliance software for government customers and those technology providers that support the government. Our products automate policy and security remediation by reducing the complexity, effort, and expense of meeting government security mandates. SteelCloud has delivered security policy-compliant solutions to military components around the world which simplify implementation and ongoing security and mission support.  SteelCloud products are easy to license through our GSA Schedule 70 contract. SteelCloud can be reached at (703) 674-5500. Additional information is available at or by email at [email protected].


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