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A selection of amazing Books to Read in Summer

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Summer, that time of the year when the sun and the fun never ends, this is the season when everyone is free to do whatever they like the most and that includes the readers like you. You surely love to read your favorite books and the fresh ones arriving at the market while you enjoy an incredibly sunny day on the beach, for example.

In this season, all the recent books come with some incredible stories for you, and this is also the season where all the lovers of romance stories, impeccable thrillers, and magnificent fiction novels come out. It does not matter where you read any of these amazing books, reading them will let you feel free and take an escape from reality.

There is always a great release for every kind of person, every title makes you feel captivated, inspired, and empowered while you read your favorite author’s book.

We will show you some of the best options to read this summer; we hope you find your next favorite book here.

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Books to Read in Summer

Exceptional books to spend time reading in summer

Beach read

It is a romantic story wrote by Emily Henry, talks about the opportunities of taking second chances in your life. This book offers a great dialogue that will get all your attention because it tells the story of two authors that have original ways of writing. These authors live in a neighborhood on the beach and they always try to be better than the other is until one day they need to do something out of their comfort zone.

In this sense, the character call Augustus Everett that is the author of one of the greatest literary fiction, will start writing a joyful story, and the other one named January Andrews, which is an acclaimed romance writer, needs to make a new American classic. The book will tell us how this goes, and all the things they need to do to be successful in their new books.

28 summers

Written by Elin Hilderbrand who is considerate as the queen of the summer reads because her books always take us to the beach in a fictional and perfect vacation. In this book, she tells the story of Link, a person that is willing to fulfill his mother’s last wish, which consists of calling a man whose phone number is in a paper piece in her desk drawer.

When finally Link calls the man it turns out to be named Jake, as they talk, Link will know that her mother and Jake had an affair when they were younger, and this became a lasting bond between them. A loveable love story that shows how love can last until the last day of our lives.

A burning

A stunning thriller wrote by Meghan Majumdar about social classes, corruption, and the journey to make a dream come true. With all these topics, it will surely captivate you from the beginning because for some people it can be shocking.

It tells the story about three amazing characters living in India that wake up living a terrorist attack. Its main characters have great personalities, for example, Jivan who is a muslin girl that shows all her emotions while the story continues, PT Sir who works as a gym teacher and has some business with the politics of the country, and Lovely a loveable character who only wants to achieve her dreams. Take the chance to read this exceptional book, you will find it really interesting.

Big summer: a novel

It is a wonderful story about female friendship, the glamour, and the romance in their lives. These women have amazing mansions just next to the beach and live privileged lifestyles. However, the protagonist called Daphne is a huge influencer who was getting down by her friend called Drue.

After all their problems Daphne is getting married and her ex-friend Drue asked her to let her be in that beautiful moment, but things do not result as they expected and Daphne gets involved in a situation that she did not expect at all. This is an intriguing and wonderful book to read in your summer, it will captivate you in a second.


A Chelsea Bieker story, tells how Lacey May, a kid of only 14 years old, has to strive to live with her mother, a known alcoholic in a cult in California. In that place, they were following the pastor’s path. This pastor called Vern is the leader of the cult where it will never rain.

The pastor tells them that if they do all he says it will rain in the place, and because they all needed that, they start taking part in these terrible and mysterious assignments that could be brutal at some points as our protagonist Lacey will find out.

Later in the story, the mother of Lacey is exiled, this makes her start an infinite quest to find her and bring her back. This story shows how cults can be brutal with their members and how faith can be perverted for horrible things.

The glass hotel

A marvelous story that will give you everything you need to read in summer, it is written by Emily St. John Mandel and tells the story about a graffiti made in a window of a hotel in Vancouver Island that has a terrible message.

In this hotel works the principal character named Vincent, she is the bartender there and that night she meets the hotel’s owner, however, they start a relationship but she did not know that he was running a Ponzi scheme with many people involved. When the economy collapses, it happens to be that he takes all the fortune of those people, so Vincent left him. Years later, she disappears and starts the investigation of every member victim of the Ponzi scheme. A very intriguing yet captivating story that you will love.

As you can see, there are many amazing books this year to read in the summer.

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