Sunday, August 1, 2021

Robert Longo | Metro Pictures Online Film Festival

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Metro Pictures is presenting a different artist’s film or series of shorts each weekend to stream online from Friday at noon until Sunday at midnight (Eastern Time).

Icarus Rising (film still), 2019. Single channel video projection with sound, 9 minutes 44 seconds.

This weekend we are presenting Robert Longo’s Icarus Rising, the artist’s first video work since the 1990s. The film features slowed footage of layers of printed photographic images, tweets, and headlines from news media being torn apart. The recorded incidental sounds of the tearing, slowed in synchronization with the visuals, create a soundtrack of groaning scrapes and booms. The combined effect unsettlingly underscores the force, and often violence, of the actions captured in the images as well as the role the images play in shaping our world.


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