In Focus: James Coleman | Marian Goodman Gallery

In Focus: James Coleman | Marian Goodman Gallery

Marian Goodman Gallery is pleased to continue our artist-centric newsletter IN FOCUS, where we take the time to delve deeply into one artist on the MGG roster at a time. Aiming to show a fuller picture of the breadth of our artists’ careers, we will feature our favorite stories, podcasts, interviews, artists’ writings and videos from the archive, as well as new and upcoming projects.

In Focus: James Coleman | Marian Goodman Gallery

James Coleman (b.1941, Ireland) is best known for his work in time-based installations. In his pioneering practice since the early 70’s, he works with meticulously-composed media including film, video, audio, projected slide installations and performed works for theatre which engage the viewers role in defining the experience of the photographic image. While Coleman assigns a subtle conceptual and temporal aspect to the experience of the image, his works are characterized by a sensual beauty and elegance that results from his embrace of the image’s inherent uncertainties and potential.

Today, follow along as we explore the vast ideas and inspirations of James Coleman. ?


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