William Kentridge | City Deep | Exhibition and Online Film Programme starting 29 September

City Deep / Goodman Gallery Johannesburg William Kentridge
City Deep / Goodman Gallery Johannesburg William Kentridge

City Deep / Goodman Gallery Johannesburg

William Kentridge

Online Film Programme 
29 September – 3 October
Available each day at 18h00 CET here
Open by appointment
6 October – 12 November

City Deep is the anticipated 11th film in Kentridge’s Drawings for Projection, a series of animated films drawn over 30 years, featuring the protagonist Soho Eckstein. 

Like previous films in the series, City Deep is grounded within Kentridge’s home city of Johannesburg and can be viewed as a counterpoint to the 1990 film, Mine, which depicts images of the deep level mining industry. City Deep extends this depiction to the informal, surface-level “Zama Zama” miners of current day Johannesburg.

Kentridge’s films are ambiguous in their final meaning. There is an invitation for a viewer to meet the films halfway and complete the meanings with the associations and memories evoked by the film. In the present context, one of the associations City Deep pushes forward is contemporary iconoclasm, as scenes of colonial monuments and statues being toppled over are spread across the world.