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Luxor (2020). Release November. Movie Trailer

Luxor is a 2020 movie written and directed by Zeina Durra. Starring Andrea Riseborough and Karim Saleh

Luxor (2020)

Luxor (2020). Plot

Hana is seeking mental peace and physical respite after an overwhelming period spent working at a clinic in Ramtha, on the Jordanian-Syrian border, where she specialised in treating victims wounded in the war in Syria. She finds solace in majestic Luxor, Egypt, where she lived in her 20s and dated a handsome archeologist, Sultan, who was also studying there. On this nostalgic solo trip, she lingers through memory-filled hotel lobbies and ancient sites as she begins to grapple with her grief and her emotions from the war—but when she runs into Sultan on a ferry crossing unexpectedly, the chemistry is undeniable.

Release Date

November 6, 2020.


Movie Poster

Luxor (2020)
Luxor (2020)

Cast & Crew

Original title: Luxor
Year: 2019
Running time: 85 min.
Country: Egypt
Director: Zeina Durra
Screenwriter: Zeina Durra
Music: Nascuy Linares
Cinematography: Zelmira Gainza
Cast: Andrea Riseborough, Michael Landes, Karim Saleh, Sherin Reda, Shahira Fahmy, Salima Ikram, Ahmed Talaat, Trude Reed, Indigo Rønlov, Janie Aziz
Producer: Co-production Egypt-United Kingdom-United Arab Emirates; Film-Clinic, Front Row Filmed Entertainment

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