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NYC Exhibitions. Kasmin. Bosco Sodi

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BOSCO SODI Vers l’Espagne

Bringing together five large-scale paintings with freestanding clay sculptures, Vers l’Espagne is Bosco Sodi’s second solo exhibition at the gallery. Its title translates as “To Spain,” paying homage to the lineage of artists who influenced his early development as a painter, from Eduardo Chillida to Joan Miró.

Visitors can book an appointment to view the exhibition in the gallery here, or browse the accompanying viewing room at the link below.

To watch the artist lead a tour of the exhibition on Instagram, click here.

In addition, Pioneer Works presents Bosco Sodi: Perfect Bodies, opening to the public this Sunday, October 11. Sited on a once teeming commercial concrete parking lot two blocks south of Pioneer Works, the installation features over 20 clay spheres made from local clay fired in the artist’s studio in Oaxaca, Mexico.


NYC Exhibitions. Kasmin. Bosco Sodi - Martin Cid Magazine
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BOSCO SODI Vers l'Espagne

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