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Napoli, Italy. Thomas Dane Gallery. Caragh Thuring: Sirenuse Art Project, Positano

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The Sirenuse Art Project was established in 2015 in Positano. Curated by Silka Rittson-Thomas and commissioned by Antonio and Carla Sersale, the project annually invites an artist to Le Sirenuse to permanently present a site-specific and iconic work from the heart of their practice while considering elements of this historic hotel.

For the 2020 edition, Caragh Thuring has created a painting and a series of gessoed panels inspired by the nearby Vesuvius as well as the hotel’s extensive collection of volcano paintings, gouaches and etchings.

Volcanoes are a sustained feature in Thuring’s work, a cross-section of an erupting volcano being the first painting she made at the start of her studio practice. Thuring has since painted numerous views of volcanoes, thoughtfully exploring their symbolic, mythical and natural power.

Read an interview with Thuring on the project here

Further information on Sirenuse Art Projects can be found here

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