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Stanley Kubrick – Biography, Movies, Reviews

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Stalnley Kubrick is an American (filmmaker director no) Born in Manhattan in

Speaking about Kubrick is speaking about the History of Cinema: one of the greatest and most provocative directors and the man who twisted the way of making movies forever. For many people, he is a genius and a goofy man for others. Anyway, like it or not, a man who did what he wanted.

Stanley Kubrick Movies

1951Day of the Fight
1951Flying Padre
1953Fear and Desire
1953The Seafarers
1955Killer’s Kiss
1956The Killing
1957Paths of Glory
1964Dr. Strangelove
19682001: A Space Odyssey
1971A Clockwork Orange
1975Barry Lyndon
1980The Shining
1987Full Metal Jacket
1999Eyes Wide Shut
Stanley Kubrick
Stanley Kubrick. By Warner Brothers – RR Auctions, PD-US,


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