I Hate Suzie (2020). New Comedy Series. HBO Max

I Hate Suzie (2020)
I Hate Suzie (2020)

HBO Max Debuts Official Trailer for Max Original “I HATE SUZIE” Premiering Nov. 19

The official trailer for Max Original “I Hate Suzie” is now available. The original series will launch all episodes on HBO Max on Thursday, Nov. 19.

Suzie Pickles, a star on the wane, has her whole life upended when her phone is hacked and a photo of her in an extremely compromising position is released for the whole world to see. This excruciatingly honest show follows the various stages of Suzie’s trauma episode by episode, through Shock, Denial, Fear, Shame, Bargaining, Guilt, Anger and Acceptance as Suzie and her best friend and manager Naomi try to hold her life, career, and marriage together in the face of being exposed for who she truly is. But who the hell even is that?

Series Poster

I Hate Suzie (2020)
I Hate Suzie (2020)


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