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Wrong Turn (2021). Trailer. Releases February 2021

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Wrong Turn (2021)
Wrong Turn (2021)

Wrong Turn is a 2021 horror movie directed by Mike P. Nelson. Starring Charlotte Vega and Emma Dumont. It will be released in February 2021 and it’s a remake of the 2003 movie with the same title.

Wrong Turn Plot

Friends hiking the Appalachian Trail are confronted by ‘The Foundation’, a community of people who have lived in the mountains for hundreds of years.

Release Date

February 25, 2021.


Cast & Crew

Original title: Wrong Turn
Year: 2020
Country: Germany
Director: Mike P. Nelson
Screenwriter: Alan B. McElroy (Character: Alan B. McElroy)
Cinematography: Nick Junkersfield
Cast: Charlotte Vega, Emma Dumont, Dylan McTee, Adrian Favela, David Hutchison, Vardaan Arora, Cory Scott Allen, Rhyan Elizabeth Hanavan, Brian James Fitzpatrick
Producer: Co-production Germany-United States; Constantin Film (Distributor: Constantin Film)
Genre: Horror

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