Sunday, September 19, 2021

NANZUKA / Jess Johnson Art Basel Hong Kong 2021 “Special Online Exhibition”

Jess Johnson Art Basel Hong Kong 2021 Special Online Exhibitions May 18th(Tue) – May 23rd(Sun),2021

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NANZUKA is pleased to present group of new works by Jess Johnson, born in New Zealand. In recent years, Johnson has actively held exhibitions in numerous locations including Heide Museum of Contemporary Art (2019, Australia), Tauranga Art Museum (2019, New Zealand), Christchurch Art Gallery(2018, New Zealand), and the National Gallery of Australia (2018, Australia). In particular, her VR (virtual reality) works created in collaboration with Simon Ward are attracting significant attention as a new art form that combines technology and imagination.

Johnson’s elaborate drawings works are characterized by their depictions of genderless humanoid figures from alternative realms, alien creatures with facial features reminiscent of bats, and worm-like tubes snaking across architectural structures from times unknown –luring viewers into a highly condensed illusion where elements that influenced her such as intercultural patterns and symbols, horror movies and science-fiction, and the world of early video games, integrate and coalesce.

As the result of the pandemic, we found the possibilities of new type of communication and creativity in cyberspace. It may brought new context after COVID to Johnson’s work to face to our new normal future life.

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