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Hero: The Extraordinary Life of Mr. Ulric Cross 

(biopic, drama, black history)Trailer: 

The story of Trinidad-born Ulric Cross, who became the RAF’s most decorated West Indian airman of WWII. His life took a dramatically different course when he followed the call of history and joined the Pan African independence movements sweeping the world in the ‘50s and ‘60s.
Available exclusively on Prime Video (USA, UK) Cineplex Store (Canada) on 21 May (Friday)

The Chuck Band Show 

Exclusive launch date Friday 28 May, 2021 
(Comedy, English) 

This time, cancer picked the wrong man. Radio DJ Chuck Berger’s wife wants to leave him, his boss wants to fire him, and if this wasn’t enough – his testicle wants to kill him. After getting diagnosed with testicular cancer, Chuck’s afraid he’ll be a man without any balls whatsoever. As he bares his soul and makes people laugh on air, his radio show becomes extremely popular.
Available exclusively on Prime Video (USA, UK) Cineplex Store (Canada) on 28 May (Friday)

Half Songs 

Exclusive launch date Tuesday, 8 June, 2021 
(Romance, Hindi, English subtitles)

Shweta, an intern at an online music magazine works on her first feature story about the closing of an old music store in Mumbai. In an almost empty shop, she finds years of memories. The old man and his nephew who run the store become the subject for her story. Shweta discovers a diary of song lyrics Vivek had hidden away from the world. The shy musician in him finds them incomplete. She inspires him to continue making songs. While the story of the shop ends, another story begins for Vivek and Shweta.
Available exclusively on Prime Video (USA, UK) Cineplex Store (Canada) on 11 June (Friday)

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