Lansky (2021). Harvey Keitel Movie. Trailer

Lansky (2021)
Lansky (2021)

Lansky is a 2021 movie directed by Eytan Rockaway starring Harvey Keitel.

Screenplay: Eytan Rockaway. Story: Eytan Rockaway and Robert Rockaway.

Plot: When the aging Meyer Lansky is investigated one last time by the Feds who suspect he has stashed away millions of dollars over half a century, the retired gangster spins a dizzying tale, revealing the untold truth about his life as the notorious boss of Murder Inc. and the National Crime Syndicate.

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Release Date: June 25, 2021.

Lansky (2021) Trailer

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Lansky (2021)
Lansky (2021)
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Director: Eytan Rockaway