Prismatic Minds exhibition at Flowers Gallery July 21. London

21st July - 28th August, 2021. 21 Cork Street, London W1S 3LZ

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PRISMATIC MINDS. Misleidys Francisca Castillo Pedroso, Edward Dutkiewicz, Rachel Heller, Keisuke Ishino, Susan Te Kahurangi King, Makoto Okawa

Flowers Gallery is pleased to announce Prismatic Minds, an exhibition curated by Jennifer Gilbert (Director of the Jennifer Lauren Gallery) and actor, writer, and co-presenter of art podcast Talk Art Russell Tovey.

Bringing together six mainly self-taught international artists, each with intensely personal and imaginative styles, Prismatic Minds presents a new discourse on the act of repetition and the desire to surround oneself with others, real or imagined. Original, raw and energetic, the works on view introduce a carnival of contemporary characters through repeated imagery that has recurred in the artists’ work over many years. The exhibition questions the boundaries of the figure, exploring the deep-rooted personal compulsion to build a cast of characters through ideas of solidarity, family and companionship. Often theatrical or performative, and created without expectations from others, the paintings, drawings and sculptures of Prismatic Minds demonstrate practices of masterful storytelling and image-making.

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