Monday, September 27, 2021

Roni Horn: When You See Your Reflection in Water, Do You Recognize the Water in You?

18 September 2021 – 30 March 2022 Pola Museum of Art, Hakone, Japan

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The Pola Museum of Art presents a solo exhibition of the work of Roni Horn, an artist who has consistently remained at the forefront of contemporary art. This will be Horn’s first solo exhibition at a museum in Japan, and it will be the first large-scale solo exhibition of a contemporary artist at the Pola Museum of Art since the museum first opened in 2002.

Roni Horn’s works take a wide range of forms, including photography, sculpture, drawing and books. Many of her works are inextricably linked to nature and are presented in paired or sequenced form, often imbued with humor, such as her series of photographs of the River Thames (Still Water (The River Thames, for Example), 1999), in which the water’s surface is annotated with footnotes; photographic portraits of a woman taken at Icelandic hot springs over a six-week period (You are the Weather, Part 2, 2010–11) which show subtle changes in her facial expression; drawings based on maps of Iceland, and glass sculptures evoking the reflective surface of water. How evocative will these works appear amid the nature-filled surroundings of the Pola Museum of Art galleries?

This will be Horn’s first solo exhibition at a museum in Japan. The exhibition will be an in-depth survey of the artist’s practice spanning over 40 years, from the 1980s to the present, and will include the glass sculptures which are among her most prominent works of recent years.

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