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Gone for Good (2021). A Netflix Miniseries

GOne for Good was released on Netflix in 2021

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Gone for Good is a Netflix miniseries starring Finnegan Oldfield and Nicolas Duvauchelle. It’s a French thriller created by David Elkaïm and Vincent Poymiro.

Plot. Synopsis

Guillaume thought he had drawn a line under the terrible tragedy which saw the two people he loved the most die. Ten years later, Judith, whose love has made his life worth living again, suddenly disappears during his mother’s funeral.

Where to Watch

On Netflix.

Release Date

August 13, 2021.


Cast & Crew

Director: Juan Carlos Medina, David Elkaïm (Creator), Vincent Poymiro (Creator)
Screenwriter: David Elkaïm, Pauline Guéna, Nacim Mehtar, Vincent Poymiro. Novel: Harlan Coben
Music: Johan Söderqvist
Cinematography: Michel Amathieu
Actors: Finnegan Oldfield, Nicolas Duvauchelle, Guillaume Gouix, Nailia Harzoune, Garance Marillier

Gone for Good (2021). A Netflix miniseries
Gone for Good (2021). A Netflix miniseries

Name: Disparu à jamais

Description: Un hombre que lleva detrás una gran tragedia (perdió a su mujer y a su hermano), ve como el dolor reaparece y tiene que volver a plantearse qué sucedió en aquel accidente.


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