Jutta Koether: Femme Colonne | Opening Soon in London. Lévy Gorvy

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Lévy Gorvy is pleased to announce its second exhibition with Jutta Koether. On view at 22 Old Bond Street and 40 Albemarle Street in London, Jutta Koether:Femme Colonne features seven new, large-scale paintings and elaborates on the artist’s tradition of canonical reference. The exhibition borrows its title from a term coined by art historian T. J. Clark in an essay on the French classicist Nicolas Poussin (1594–1665). In his reading of Poussin’s The Sacrament of Marriage (1647–48), Clark refers to the figure at the painting’s far left as the “femme-colonne,” which literally translates to “woman column”—the folds of her clothes and veil are all that remain visible beyond the looming architectural form at her right. Koether’s paintings in Femme Colonne reckon with and reimagine this mysterious figure, simultaneously encompassing the human and the architectural, the upright and the horizontal, the marginal and the pivotal.

Also join us on Friday 10 December for the West End Gallery HOP! event from 6–8 PM.


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