David Lynch. Biography, Movies, Quotes

David Lynch is an American filmmaker born in Montana en 1946 David Lynch is known for his eccentric movies and for being one of the...

Nine Days (2020). Release January 2021. Movie Trailer

Nine Days Plot In a house distant from the reality we know, a reclusive man interviews prospective candidates—personifications of human souls—for the privilege that he...

The True Adventures of Wolfboy (2019). Indie Movie Traler

The True Adventures of Wolfboy Plot A young boy runs away from home in the search of his estranged mother. Release Date October 30, 2020. Trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h4CmJcLjSuU Movie Poster

The Dark Divide (2020). Trailer. New Releases. Indie Movies

The Dark Divide is written and directed by Tom Putnam about a Robert M. Pyle story The Dark Divide Plot Based on the story of renowned...

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